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Twins leaving sixth form

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foofoofairybumcakes Mon 12-Jun-17 11:34:58

Sigh.... twin boys did very well in GCSEs but one year into sixth form twin 1 announced a few weeks back that he wants to leave and fast forward, about 2 weeks ago he found himself a job in a pub and basically left school. Boys are 18 - they retook a year when we moved house which certainly helped their GCSEs but I think has resulted in burnout. Both say that they feel pretty disengaged with their learning, they are hard workers but just not interested in years more academic study through another year of sixth form and then uni. This has certainly had a dramatic effect on my tax credits and single working adult occupancy for family house. I had a stern chat with twin 2 this morning who now looks to be 'jumping ship' in exactly the same way; I've given the facts about house-keeping and the challenge they will face trying to find employment that they like that will pay sufficient to keep us all afloat. I don't doubt their good intentions but I do worry about them finding employment in out uncertain economy at this time. Anyone else experienced this??? Please tell me it will turn out alright in the end!

TeenAndTween Mon 12-Jun-17 17:31:13

Have you/they considered apprenticeships?

foofoofairybumcakes Tue 13-Jun-17 06:28:14

Yes twin 1 had applied for one that would be perfect, HND in civil engineering, we're waiting to hear. IME finding a good apprenticeship (ie where they are actually taught something that leads to a real qualification) is rarer than finding hens teeth. But yes that is exactly the route we are going down.

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