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Periods dd school trip

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Wishingitwaswarm Thu 18-May-17 16:27:34

My dd 13 is going on a school trip to Spain and will be doing a weeks watersports.
She started her periods just after Xmas and has had 2.
Her last period was 8 weeks ago and I have been waiting so she could try tampons.
Unfortunately the period hasn't come and she is off on the trip at the end of next week.
I will give her lots of pads to take but I'm unsure what to advise because she will spend most of the week windsurfing, sailing etc meaning if she is on her period ( bound to happen) she will be in the sea daily and wearing sanitary pads ....
Any advice

chocolateworshipper Thu 18-May-17 17:07:12

Speak to your GP about whether she could take norethisterone to delay her period

Shopkinsdoll Thu 18-May-17 17:15:17

Yes as the other post say, take her to the doc asap and get the tablets that delay your periods. If there is no period by say next Tuesday/wed get her to take the tablets. I wish I knew about these when I was younger, I done a lot of swimming and used to miss galas, sponsored events because They were so heavy.

ConConstance Thu 18-May-17 17:21:19

I have to agree with the other posters. Pills from the doctor. Her period will start around 24 hours after finishing the tablets. Hope she has a lovely trip

SweetChickadee Thu 18-May-17 17:27:59

Can she take some tampons so she can try them herself?

Frazzled2207 Thu 18-May-17 17:35:17

Bless her. Yes to the norethisterone plan. Have taken several times when on holiday and no issues whatsoever.

paganmolloy Thu 18-May-17 17:41:47

My daughter is on the pill for the same reason (waterspouts school trip) plus she also has incredibly heavy periods so this will hopefully help.
Couldn't she just try a tampon to see if she can fit it in without having her period??
I think wearing pads during waterspouts would just mean they get saturated therefore don't work and could be potentially embarrassing for her.

Wishingitwaswarm Thu 18-May-17 20:00:44

It's ok
I went in and spoke to her, apparently she finished her period yesterday and I didn't even know she'd had it. What sort of crap mum an I to not know that. ☹️☹️

Wishingitwaswarm Thu 18-May-17 20:01:52

But great tips about the tablets, I didn't even know they existed and I see you can buy them on line as well. Think I'll get some for myself

specialsubject Sun 21-May-17 14:23:37

You aren't a crap mum!

Those tablets do not work for everyone. Wearing a pad in a wetsuit will make a mess beyond belief. She will need to learn to use tampons.

claritytobeclear Sun 21-May-17 15:43:06

I remember the first tampons I tried were applicator. I was the same age as your daughter, as I remember. I did not tell my mother (embaressed) and was fine with them. Used the diagram in the pack.

When I did pluck up enough courage to ask for them, Mum gave me some super plus non applicator from a box she had. They weren't as easy but I managed and eventually preferred non applicator at lesser absorbency in my teens.

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