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Do I believe DD or college?

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aimingforthesky Wed 17-May-17 20:58:39

My 17yr old said she felt a bit sick and dizzy yesterday at college. Tutor rang and told me she was found having fainted on her own. Sent to counsellor who rang me to say she needs a GP to see her to address physical problems associated with a possible eating disorder. My DD completely disagrees, says it will be a waste of GP time and there is nothing wrong with her.

Just writing this down now I see that she has been minimising everything and there must be more going on. She is well, eats healthy at home and I thought enjoying her course and life but I am deluding myself aren't I? Seeing GP tomorrow but don't know how to get my concerns across if she does not want to talk.

TeenAndTween Thu 18-May-17 22:33:45

I would write down your concerns and personally hand them over to the GP, even if your DD does not then want you in the appointment.

Everything may be fine, she might have just skipped breakfast. A general check-up won't hurt (weight, anaemia etc)

College is a big change, better safe than sorry. I have had similar concerns with my 17yo as part of her roller-coaster 2 years at college.

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