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DD16 moves in with dad

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Matellaestmater Sun 30-Apr-17 09:18:56

My DD has not seen her father for three years after she fell out with him, he has managed to evade CSA as he is self-employed and I have had to work three jobs to support us. Six months ago she got in trouble with a pervert on Facebook, I asked NSPCC for advice and they reported this to the police. CID got involved and she went ballistic at me. Told her headmistress that she was too scared to come home and they had her father pick her up.
Now I only see her on her terms and she is using me. I am more laid back than her dad so she treats my place like a hotel.
I am now having to pay CMS a fortune for her but she still expects me to take her shopping, fund parties etc. Yesterday she conned me into buying a birthday present that was three times what I'd normally spend, got me to taxi her and her friends around, cook dinner for them and then after they'd watched horror movies on Netflix (XH doesn't have this) called her dad to take her home.
I woke up this morning confused and heartbroken.
She also tells me he's taking her to Cuba for a holiday even though she turned down my offer of a trip.

bevelino Sun 30-Apr-17 12:49:13

OP, set boundaries for your dd and stick to them. Life with teens is about give and take but there is no way that she should be running rings around you. Please forgive me for saying this but she sounds like a cheeky little madam.

Matellaestmater Sun 30-Apr-17 14:34:13

Dear bevelino,
You are quite right. If this was someone else's post I would say exactly the same as you.
I just miss her so much and don't want to push her away.

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