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I'm feeling pretty desperate

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desperatemumofteens Wed 19-Apr-17 00:17:09

I'm a mum of two daughters. The eldest is 21 and the youngest 15.
I'm having major problems with my youngest. I've always had trouble from reasoning with her, even as a toddler he was very strong willed.
I've just stopped her seeing a boy of 17, she had been seeing him for over a year. My reasons were I know he hit her, he is a regular drug user and she had smoked drugs when with him, he is controlling, she didn't see any friends other than him.
I believe they were having some sort of sexual relationship, although she denies this I know because a friend was concerned and told me.
I went to see his mum a few months back to express my concerns and was greeted with an aggressive manner, I knew I'd get nowhere.
Her behaviour when she was with him wasn't great, school work had deteriorated and she really wasn't a happy girl.
However since stopping her seeing him she has ran away from home, been admitted to hospital twice from overdosing, cutting her arms, being violent towards me and destroying furnishings in our home.
Her jealously of cousins and friends is awful, it's not simply envy it's full out jealously.
Early intervention at social services are now involved and we are having family therapy at our local cahms.
Every day brings another upset, it's been constant now for 6 weeks and I'm feeling distressed and worried as daily threats of suicide are spoken of.
I've tried almost every route, trying to stay calm, trying to reason and I've shouted too. My whole family is being supportive and they are as equally worried about her.
My husband tries to support us both but she often brings up old arguments between him and myself and it ends up with us arguing with each other too.
My home life is constant upset, I've just started a new job which I absolutely love and I've already needed 2 weeks off to deal with family upset, I'm actually contemplating leaving now.
Reading various websites I know I'm not alone. Can anyone share their success stories to show there is light at the end of the tunnel.

highinthesky Wed 19-Apr-17 00:19:50

No success story (DD is too young), only flowers

DD0314 Mon 29-May-17 00:01:24

No advice unfortunately, I'm not quite there yet. My DD is 14 and we've had a few hard times. Just wanted to say good luck and I really hope you get help and have a happy outcome.

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