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Problem with teenage daughter

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Pagmol Mon 17-Apr-17 05:47:11

My 17 year old daughter works part time in a local restaurant. Her female work colleague is in her early 20s and has a partner who manages a local night club.
My problem is that my daughter has started going to the night club with this friend every night during Easter holidays after work. Not coming home until early hours of morning 6am or sometimes 9am.
I'm a single parent and am finding it difficult to sleep when she isn't home and am also concerned that no schoolwork is being done.
Any ideas about how to deal with this?

Manorbier Mon 17-Apr-17 09:55:50

I was in a similar situation at her age - I was 18 and the friend in question 24 - with hindsight I felt so honoured to have this friend that I let her walk all over me. Not suggesting for a moment this is happening with your daughter- in contrast to my situation - your daughter's friendship could be a genuine friendship of equals . What I am saying tho is that if I were in your shoes as a parent I'd do anything and everything to encourage your daughter's confidence in her own decisions and would express concern over the relationship so that relationships with older and possibly more influential people do not become a 'holy grail' iyswim and that she then has the confidence to set boundaries or even end the relationship if she wants to.

Manorbier Mon 17-Apr-17 09:57:41

Sorry I mean would NOT!!!!! express concern over the relationship under any circs!!

Typing omission fail!!

Manorbier Mon 17-Apr-17 10:00:24

Looking back also OP I wish I'd extricated myself from the relationship with my friend much sooner as it was a very poor quality friendship really.

I think confidence in herself will help your daughter make he right decisions

Manorbier Mon 17-Apr-17 10:00:43

the* right decisions

Pagmol Mon 17-Apr-17 10:50:53

Thanks Manorbier. I am struggling to cope with the hours she's keeping at the moment as I can't settle until she's home.
She's back to school next week so hopefully the nights out will be limited to a couple, at most, a week.
Am also crossing fingers that new friend is just a phase

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