Dd2 hit dd3 and left a 1cm gash on her head

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inanutshelle Sat 15-Apr-17 17:55:40

Im gutted.. Dd2 hit dd3 while she was holding her phone and it left a gash that needed glueing at A&E . Im still reeling from the sight of dd3 (11) with blood pouring down her face and into a puddle on the floor. So sad and dissapointed, they have been falling out all holiday but i thought they knew that anything physical was way over the mark.

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GloriousGoosebumps Sun 16-Apr-17 09:06:27

How did dd2 react to the sight of her sister bleeding profusely? I would have been mortified at the thought that I had caused an injury that required a visit to A & E and then I would have been scared of the punishment that would rain down on me. So, is dd2 apolgetic and concerned or not bothered at all? You obviously can't ignore her behaviour so what punishments would actually have an effect on dd2?

inanutshelle Sun 16-Apr-17 11:13:18

Dd2 has lost her phone for a week.. That will hit her hard as she loves her phone.. She is gutted and rightly so. She cried after and for a good four hours or so.. Said she didnt think tgat would happen. I told her that ive heard of people lashing out or even pushing someone over who then falls badly or girs their head on something and dies.. It happens.. It scared her and it should.. She knows she must never do amything like that again. They made up yesterday evening.. Heartfelt apoplogy however i will be incredibly watchful of them from now on as it escalted to this within 2 minutes yesterday.. Shockingsad

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