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Gah! stroppy DD (light hearted rant)

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PingPongBat Wed 29-Mar-17 17:14:09

Got a text from DD while at school - can we take some homework to a friend's house as friend was off sick today. I replied that it might be OK but need to see how things go this evening (depends when DH gets home, when we have dinner etc). It's 45 mins to an hour there and back, depending on traffic. When she got home I ask whether she could scan the paperwork in & her friend could print it out, to save the journey.

I thought that was a totally reasonable question. Apparently not hmm

DD (sarcastically) "well I was going to make cookies and go round & cheer her up and everything but we won't go if it's such a long trip for you".
Me - "oh ok, I was just wondering whether it would be easier to scan & send it over. Is she going to be off tomorrow as well?"
DD - (sulking) "no, it doesn't matter. I'm NOT going. I'll give it to her tomorrow".

I explained a bit later that if she'd been pleasant about it rather than having a strop about me daring even to suggest an alternative option, I might have felt more inclined to take her! Is that too much to ask? Or am I the one being petty? She makes me feel I'm being so unreasonable sometimes, so I end up questioning my judgement all the time sad

JustDanceAddict Wed 29-Mar-17 17:33:53

I would've said the same as you!

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