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SisterMoonshine Sat 18-Mar-17 20:08:34

So DD (12) wants these. She says she's the only one of her friends without them - I think that's true too.
But I just so can't be bothered to get them myself to see how they work and keep an eye on things.
I'm going to have to though. I've got Facebook recently and sussed it out but it's these other 2 she wants to get onto.
What are they like? And how do they work?

PingPongBat Sun 19-Mar-17 11:57:58

Have a look here for a guide.

RebelRogue Sun 19-Mar-17 12:58:54

Instagram would be fine as long as you had all the details and you'd keep an eye on it. Snapchat just no. Not at her age.
Tbh if you can't be arsed monitoring them,the content and privacy settings then just don't allow her to get them.

Ohyesiam Sun 19-Mar-17 17:40:49

My 12 year old has snap chat, privacy settings so only people she friends can see her pics , or send then to her. I'm sure this can go pear shaped, but so far no dodgy friends.
Last time this came up on mn, I read that Instagram send porn adverts, don't know if anyone can confirm this. So no Instagram for her.

SisterMoonshine Sun 19-Mar-17 19:27:38

Thank you.
And thanks for that link PingPingBat, I've printed them off to read.
Instagram I suppose I could use myself for a while to work it out and be a follower (?) of DD. But now you've said that about the porn thing Ohyesiam, I'm put off.

Hotheadwheresthecoldbath Mon 20-Mar-17 14:11:49

QIve joined both for the same reason,still haven't figured instagram,my neices are on it too and as far as I can see my dd just posts a few pictures and thankfully she doesn't like selfies.Im not sure about Snapchat which she has just asked for,says she wants it to follow a friend's story and send the odd silly picture.Have not noticed any porn adds.

SisterMoonshine Mon 20-Mar-17 15:04:50

Oh that's good. I keep puting it off but I guess I'll download it and have a look.
Snapchat sounds like it wouldn't be so easy to keep track of DD on (if I'm understanding it right) so I think I'll just say no to that one for now.
Yes it's the selfie culture I'm kicking against myself.

Dollyparton3 Mon 20-Mar-17 18:05:50

Just so you know it's very easy to be exposed to porn on instagram. I've searched for Nike trainers before and had multiple porn images come up in the results. Not soft stuff either.

There's instant messaging facilities on Instagram so be aware of those.

Hulababy Mon 20-Mar-17 18:24:29

DD is only now but had Instagram at that age, from starting secondary really. I insisted on having all passwords and the right to check regularly. I also joined and she had to be 'friends' with me on it, so I could monitor from that angle too. She has high privacy settings and we have a policy that she is only 'friends' with people she actually knows - no randoms, or friends of friends of friends, etc. She's had it a good while now and never had any dodgy adverts, etc.

She also has Snapchat and this is what her and her friends all use most. They seem to use Instagram less and less, and Facebook and Twitter are rarely used much (FB more for contact with family tbh.) We have the same policy that technically I have password and reserve the right to monitor and look. I didn't bother getting Snapchat myself though as she is a bit older now and we have built up some levels of trust over the years.

Not had any dodgy adverts on either - nether she nor me.

AndKnowItsSeven Mon 20-Mar-17 18:25:58

You have to be 13 to have an instragram

SisterMoonshine Mon 20-Mar-17 19:45:50

The App Store says 12+ )but I have heard that about 13).
I do believe her that she's the only one not on them too.

SisterMoonshine Mon 20-Mar-17 19:47:00

I held out til secondary school for her to have a mobile - and it seemed like she was the last of her friends then too.

TondelayaDellaVentamiglia Mon 20-Mar-17 19:55:13

I've been on Instagram a good couple of years now, and with an "open" account, have had 2 or three saucy porntastic photos pop up but that's it....somehow you get tagged, but it is easy to block and report spammers and the like, mind you, I rarely search outside the people I follow

I have had a few iffy interactions, I no longer post pictures of my feet! Foot fetishists seem to like Instagram but I figure the world can manage without me encouraging them with my pretty pedicures.

I'd probably okay the instagram, but snapchat is a very different least once a week, some stranger would pop up with a greeting/suggestion/saucy profile pic. I no longer snapchat!

Hulababy Tue 21-Mar-17 07:00:20

The age rating is based on US data privacy laws.

JustDanceAddict Wed 22-Mar-17 20:56:59

Usually kids have a couple of insta accounts - one their parents see and another that they don't!!!

Hulababy Wed 22-Mar-17 21:59:30

They're are often fairly easy to find though one of dd's friend!

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