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Tell me this is normal!!

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wineusuallyhelps Sun 12-Mar-17 16:11:46

DS is 12 but that's the new 14, right?!

Does this sound normal to you?:

He's been much more mature lately, but less pleasant and has less boundaries about how he sounds to other people, if you get what I mean. As if he doesn't care so much about adhering to social rules.

Today he rolled out of bed late like something coming out of a cave, wearing yesterday's jeans that he had slept in. hmm

We visited family, at which point he went OTT messing about with his younger brother and was too rough. Then he was snappy and a bit rude and 'teenagerish' in front of people (I called him up on it in front of them and we had a serious talk about it after - he knows he's wrong so he does have morals).

He apologised and said he feels 'funny' and tired all the time even though he's not ill. Said he's hungry constantly but when he eats he goes sleepy. Said he doesn't feel right.

He eats healthily and gets lots of exercise and enough sleep, so no issues there. His body is developing at a rate of knots.

Am I right in thinking this is teenage development? How many years until he's pleasant and predictable again and how do we navigate through it? confused

NapQueen Sun 12-Mar-17 16:14:31

Probs just teenager stuff

1 - theres no such thing as "late" to a teenager when it comes to sleep. They need it
2 - teens are bottomless pits. Stock the cupboards
3 - if he has said he doesnt feel right he could probs do with a trip to the GP just check his bloods over.

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