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Dd16- boyfriend dumped her via text

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Monica53 Thu 02-Mar-17 22:01:54

Well something we never wanted Dd having boyfriends running upto exams,however,anyway tonight Dd is sobbing in bathroom as I sit on bed listening to her as she informed me he has dumped me via text and now I have no one at school! As her mum I'm heartbroken for her and especially as she has had terrible time at school due to bullying etc and was just turning a corner. Sorry if I shouldn't have posted here. Just feel terrible and seeking guidance and advice how to handle this as she has very few friends😣x

TeenAndTween Thu 02-Mar-17 22:03:46

sorry no advice but flowers

babyunicornvomit Thu 02-Mar-17 22:13:51

This is horrible but sadly happens a lot. Happened to me when I was 17, and to be honest it helped me get over him quicker as dumping someone over text shows you just how spineless they were! Not really got much advice but from my experience - be supportive but not clingy, don't ask too many questions and don't be pushy about 'you should be focusing on school' etc. My parents were like that and when you're already upset the last thing you need is pressure to perform well. Hopefully she can use the extra time and throw herself into her schoolwork. Make sure she knows you're proud of her and there to support. flowers

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