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Difficult 13 year old son and gaming

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Alditha Mon 27-Feb-17 15:06:24

I have a DS2 of 13. He and I have always had a difficult relationship and I take the blame for that. However I have always tried hard to do the best I can by him despite this and generally we do ok. But these days I find it harder for us to get along.
He is typically rude, lazy, entitled and generally hard work at the moment which is getting me down. His dad is great but has no good experience of being parented to go on and works hard etc. He was better when ds2 was younger.
I feel like I have no influence now and I want to do a better job but I'm worried it's a bit too late for that. The online gaming via Xbox has been the recent root of this. I just worked out how to access parental controls and have now set limits. I trusted him before but he has lied to me about what he downloaded. The game was 18 with loads of violence and his messaging was pretty horrendous.
Do other parents get through this? I feel like I have taken my eye off the ball or just been a bit rubbish.

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