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What do I say/do?

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babyface Thu 23-Feb-17 15:16:18

Ds (18) has just heard that 1 of his friends killed himself. This was completely unexpected and the friend had just left to go travelling..Would any one have advice as to what on earth to say in the face of this tragedy. He says he is ok but shocked.

PinkBuffalo Thu 23-Feb-17 15:35:23

Oh OP that's awful for your son and you. I was very shocked when this happened to my friend and I was in my 20s.
Have looked at Papyrus online and copied the following for you:
"If you have been touched personally by suicide in a young person, please do contact us at PAPYRUS. We would be very pleased to speak to you and offer you any support you may need or signpost you to an appropriate organisation. Our number is 01925 572444."
Papyrus try to prevent this happening, but appear to have support for people like you and your son x

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