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Help with iGCSEs

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clippityclop Tue 14-Feb-17 14:26:49

DD has had a huge shock after getting her 'mock' iGCSE results. She's year 10, previously sound results for her class and homework but got nothing more than a C in recent exams. We saw her tutor who said all her teachers think she's great - hardworking, a pleasure to teach etc which has always been the situation, no problems with her attitude or behaviour throughout school. They say it comes down to poor confidences and simply nor remembering the stuff. We know she revised, ie lots of disappearing upstairs, lots of post-its and notebooks about the place as has been the case in other years. We help her if she asks but generally let her get on with it. She says there was stuff on the papers that hadn't been covered. She has CGP guides and access to recommended websites etc. Does anyone have experience of anything similar or any revision techniques to share? Keeping smiling and being encouraging but hate to see her so disappointed.

BackforGood Tue 14-Feb-17 23:09:03

I'd confirm if they were testing he with a full paper, including things she hasn't covered yet. If she's in Yr 10, there will be loads of stuff they haven't done. Ask her what other people got - all the dc have an idea of what their peers got.
My dd is in Yr10 and some subject teachers do this - give them assessment papers and are pleased if they get more than 50% (when she is predicted 7s and 8s for the subjects), as they know they haven't yet covered things.

clippityclop Wed 15-Feb-17 12:37:02

Thanks for your reply. It seems they were given the full papers. A lot of her friends are feeling the same. Last exams her results were all either B, B+ or A, and she chose the strongest subjects which she really enjoys for iGCSE so all this is knocking her confidence. In the last couple of days she's come home with past papers, and they have been given links to various websites. The concept of sitting the kids down for tests on stuff they haven't studied is bizarre to me. iGCSE is new to the school, I think they could've handled this better. Not sure how to help her get the best out of the past papers really, some come with model answers and others don't. If anyone has any tips for this or general revision I'd be grateful.

BackforGood Wed 15-Feb-17 19:25:14

Yes, I think it's odd too, but I know it happens quite a bit.

My dd downloads papers, marks them when she's done them, and then goes to 'maths clinic' (or whatever subject) and gets help with what she can't do. Is there anything like that she could go to?
<This is my dd in 6th form, she wasn't mature enough to be prepared to do that in Yr 10 mind you)>

clippityclop Thu 16-Feb-17 18:43:31

There are sessions after school for the core subjects which she's started attending. Great idea about taking the past papers there. She's sitting her English, Science and Maths this year so it's been a real wake up call for her. Trying to help her get the recreational reading habit( while not uttering the words "In My Day..."!

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