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Support for family ref 18 yo - who to turn to

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ScaredyCat42 Sun 12-Feb-17 18:22:45

This is on behalf of my sister as she doesn't know who she can go to for support. Long story but basically her 18 yo dd moved out about a year ago following disagreements which escalated into lies involving some distressing accusations. Now there are continual messages from dd to her younger sister (17 yo) who wants nothing to do with her and to my sister where dd is refusing to acknowledge any responsibility for her actions and accusing my sister of giving up on her (she really really hasn't). Are there any support services out there who would be able to provide support and advice for my sister and family in this position? My brother in law is on the verge of a mental breakdown and neither of them know how to handle this situation. I've given advice but it could be the completely wrong thing to do. Thank you and sorry for any unintentional drip feeding.

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