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Alcohol - irresponsible ex and son aged 14

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AnnieWithanee Sun 12-Feb-17 11:47:52

So last night my 14 year old boy went to a party with lots of his mates and had to be picked up at 10pm pissed on vodka and throwing up. He was at his Dads house who tells me it's all fine, son has learned his lesson and 'I've told him I won't be buying any for him again if he can't behave responsibly'.
Me: 'AGAIN?!?!?'
Him: 'Well I think it's important he's able to be honest about alcohol with me so I gave him half a bottle of vodka to share with his mates in NYE'

I have firmly expressed my views which are these:
At 14, no spirits, only the occasional cider or beer, and that only in the bosom of the family.

I'm so mad. So frustrated at my ex - he sees himself as 'fun dad' and never has said no or discipline to the extent that my older son (16) moved in with me full time because he felt insecure due to his fathers lack of boundaries.... sorry didn't intend to rant.

Really would like to know how anybody else with teenagers has dealt with alcohol popping up on the horizon?

AnnieWithanee Sun 12-Feb-17 14:43:17

Ok so now I've found this page which has sensible advice and I'm happy that my boundaries are reasonable.

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