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Picky Teen

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motheroftwoboys Tue 27-Feb-07 14:40:49

Not sure this is the right section but my DS2 who is 14 is a real picky eater/has an eating disorder. Extremely limited diet, retches when goes near other food. Just the sort of thing featured on the new BBC3 programme. We tried so much when he was younger then backed off as we got NO-WHERE. Always thought he would grow out of it. Have been scared by this programme and realise there are many adults out there with the same problems. Has anyone been through this and can any recommend any route we/he could try.

JustSometimes Tue 27-Feb-07 20:37:57

My heart goes out to you. Had SD who did the same. Worse for me as a step daughter, so I would never have been able to say or do anything right.
Are there any underlying issues? Sometimes it's due to some emotional instability. SD was a perfectionist, did excellently at school, sporty and was beautiful. But had a really low opinion of herself on her own. It's well out of my depth. I'd seek help from professionals. Any advice I gave on here may be wrong for your DS as children are all unique.

Good luck.

motheroftwoboys Wed 28-Feb-07 14:08:10

Thanks for the reply. Yes, DS has very low self esteem not helped or caused by his dsylexia. He also seems to think we love his older brother more, which - as I try to explain to him - as a parent is just impossible. I work at a school (not his school) and was talking to our school nurse yesterday who recommended I talk to the school doctor as she has a lot of experience with eating disorders. I also talked to the school nurse at DS2's school who is going to speak to him and she thinks counselling may be best.

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