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mumontherun14 Wed 25-Jan-17 18:39:59

Hi. Just wondering how much your teens use Instagram and how much you know about it. My DS is nearly 13 and he has had it for a while. The deal was his profile was set at private, he had to restrict it to people he knew and I would check it from time to time. This week I checked it and he had lots of messages from what looked like older girls asking him to chat. Quite a few of them had sexual references, there were a few asking him for photos, some talking about self harm and also a few asking where he lived and to meet up. I felt ill when I saw it. He has been up in his room for months on it all quiet not mentioning any of it to us. When I spoke to him about it he was upset and happy to cut down the followers block people he didn't know etc. We had a long talk about internet safety, the risks of photos, the dangers of people you don't know online and I think it all sunk in, I will be checking the phone again tonight. I am just warning anyone whose kids are on Instagram not to be complacent especially when they are younger. I didn't know that unknown people can contact your child directly and also they can send live videos.

Mummyme83 Wed 25-Jan-17 19:06:03

Hi I understand, my daughter is nearly 13 and she loves ig. Not just for chatting but she watches videos, how to bake, make up, funny videos. However I do check what she is doing on it and I read her messages. I know that is an invasion of privacy but these days you just have too. She gets annoyed but i also see she understands the dangers of it. I hope your son is ok and doesn't see anything untoward again. 🙂

weaselwords Wed 25-Jan-17 19:09:23

My 15 yr old boy is on it all the time. All. The. Time. Sending memes to the groups he and his friends have made. A life well-lived hmm

ChocoChou Wed 25-Jan-17 19:13:58

My (nearly) 13yo DS is attached to Instagram too...
he isn't allowed to take his devices upstairs so every night before I put his iPad on to charge I check his direct messages.. haven't had any cause for concern just yet- well a couple of private messages between him and his (male) friends saying ooh sexy and sending a half-risqué photo of a nearly topless lady. I didn't mention that to him, I see it as the equivalent of a boy in the 90s showing his buddies a page3 pic.
I don't care about invasion of privacy by the way, we have to keep on top of these things!

mumontherun14 Wed 25-Jan-17 19:55:12

I totally agree, I was wrestling with myself a bit over whether it was an invasion of privacy but I had a gut instinct something was wrong as he was quiet and on the phone constantly and I was right. I feel sorry for them a bit -it's a new age they are dealing with and some of the messages etc are far too much for their age level to be exposed to in my opinion. Since it all came out he has been much more himself and I think he is actually a bit relieved. Last night we watched a film all together for the first time in ages and he didn't go near the phone.

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