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My brother accused of selling cigarettes at school

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Saarahaq Mon 23-Jan-17 16:39:05

Firstly, yes my brother has experimented with smoking and my mother found out and spoke with him about it. And from what i know of, he hasnt done it again. He got the cigarettes by stealing them from my dad's packet

At school, he is now in a 1 week isolation as he has been "caught" selling cigarettes on Friday. My brother denied the accusation and told them to search him if they did not believe him and they did, all the found was £30 (one £20 note and one £10 note) in his glasses case. We know that that money was from his birthday presents so he could buy sweets etc from the shop (yes i know £30 is a lot for him to take to school, i told him that it was dumb to take that much in to school).

They classed that as 'evidence' and said that a student told teachers that sikandar was selling. I honestly dont believe that he is selling as when he was confronted with other problems (smoking etc) he confessed to them.

He says that he is innocent and i believe him. Also, last year, someone told the teacher that my other brother (2 years senior to the first brother in question) was a bystander in a situation (wrong place, wrong time) and they made him give a full police statement to the police about what he witnessed and who was involved (he was 13 and my parents did not give consent for this to happen so, of course, it was illegal and my dad kicked off with them and also involved the police with his complaint)

So, as you can see, i dont particularly trust this school 100% in terms. There will be a meeting with my mother and headmaster. I was just wondering could you share some advice with what she could do? Or i could do to help as i will be joining the meeting too (I'm 21)

In my personal opinion, putting him into isolation based on what some students say and finding money on him (no actual cigarettes) does not seem like substantial evidence especially for something that is essentially against the law and could affect him in the long run.

Sorry for the long post and im sorry if it appears all jumbled, i'm just pretty mad right now.

Thanks so much

TheCustomaryMethod Mon 23-Jan-17 16:44:03

OP - I can't advise you I'm afraid, but I noticed you'd included your brother's name in your post - you might want to self- report and ask MNHQ to edit it out.

Your brother is lucky to have a caring sister like you - I hope your meeting goes well flowers.

Saarahaq Mon 23-Jan-17 18:02:10

Thanks so much for the response anyway (: and thanks for pointing that out for me haha

Would you know how i would go about doing that? This is my first day on the site /.\

TheCustomaryMethod Mon 23-Jan-17 20:07:33

There's an option to 'report' in the top right of the post so if you just use that and explain what's happened MNHQ should be able to sort it out for you smile

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