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Missing my boys tonight

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mumstaxi2 Sat 21-Jan-17 21:41:15

Just that really - DS(19) and DS(17) have gone off on their first ever holiday in their own - skiing. Seemed like a good idea in the planning stage - good bonding experience for two siblings who constantly argue.. Not a package holiday so having to co-ordinate flights, transfers, lessons, passes etc themselves I know they're virtually adults and its good for them but can't help but worry. Too many bad things in the news with avalanches and coach crash today and just feel so far away if anything happened. Just need some reassurance!

Confusedandfrightened Sun 22-Jan-17 23:27:12

Hi taxi smile just wanted to say I understand and would feel exactly the same way if my dd was away - it doesn't matter what age they are we still worry. Hopefully they've settled in well now and it'll be a great experience for them both.

mumstaxi2 Mon 23-Jan-17 13:52:11

Thank you confused. I'm still worried - partly because my friend and I had a nasty accident on our first trip when we were 17 - on a piste that we shouldn't have gone down and we were with college not on our own. But they're staying in touch and obviously having a brilliant time 😀

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