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Daughter crying in bed because I am mean.

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BluntForceTrauma Sun 08-Jan-17 00:55:07 I mean.....according to her I am the meanest parent ever.....
We've been to a friends party. No restrictions on phone usage all night - since 8pm. She can do whatever she wants etc etc. Now we're home, it's 12.52am and she wants her phone but I'm enforcing normal rules of phones on charge at the top of the stairs before bedtime. Apparently this makes me the worst mum EVER. She is sobbing in bed. Like a terrible trauma had befallen her.

Am I? Am I the worst mum ever. Am I being unreasonable? Or is almost 1am an ok time to stop phone usage?

DisneySenior Sun 08-Jan-17 01:01:08

No you are not being mean.

How old is she?

Pallisers Sun 08-Jan-17 01:01:51

of course you are right.

teenagers are like a story from the bible where god delivers a plague of irrationality and emotion onto you (presumably to punish you for having sex 14 years before). They are also very funny and lovely.

Wonder who your dd is texting/snapchatting/whatevering with OP????

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