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Motherof2oneboyonegirl Fri 30-Dec-16 01:21:29

Today 01:15 Motherof2oneboyonegirl

I am a single mother of two children (one for 15 years and one 10 years) since being a single parent I had one 6 year long relationship and now after two years being single have had a year of the best relationship, I have (although being wrongs and abused) always been very calm and never let the kids see any negativity unfortunately my daughter (now 3 months short of 18) has been in a bad relationship for 1.5 years! It only became bad (that I saw) 8 months ago! Since then she has been physically abusive to me and mentally (lots of name calling and personally hurtful draining things), she ended the relationship 4 months ago and got a job and I got her enrolled in college she grew a group of good friends and met a lovely guy! After a short time the behaviour started to slip again and I discovered she was back with the guy and had lost her job, she is back being aggressive and nasty and I am struggling, she left home earlier in the year for a few weeks and I let her back with no consequences but she left again two nights ago because I said being unemployed due to her need to see her boyfriend was unacceptable, I don't know how to help her and we have minimal family but I need to help her and don't know how to. Please tell me someone else has been through this?

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Motherof2oneboyonegirl Fri 30-Dec-16 01:26:27

Sorry my daughter is 17 almost 18

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nicenewone1 Sat 31-Dec-16 10:15:30

Oh God it's such a vulnerable and impressionable age.

Can you speak to the college? Is she keeping up with her studies? Where is she staying, do you know she's safe? There are a number of websites dedicated to teens in abusive relationships, with helplines available, I've just googled it.

Sorry can't give you any advice I haven't experienced this myself, but sending you best wishes

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