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Crappy Xmas

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tireddotcom72 Sat 17-Dec-16 16:19:03

Single mum to a turning 13 year old this week who is in full on Kevin mode right now! I'm actually starting to dread Xmas as it is just the 2 of us

I've done Xmas birthday shopping and got her some lovely bits but today she decided to give me her list, none of it majorly expensive so not spoilt attitude but not what I've got her ( I've bought her nicer bits in my opinion) I just know the fact she won't get what she is asking for will end up in a major meltdown

She wanted to go out with her friends on her birthday to go shopping her friends can't go as it's Xmas eve I tried to point out for most people that's family time and got huffed at rolled eyes it's not fair and as for the look when I suggested we went shopping and did lunch...

tireddotcom72 Sat 17-Dec-16 16:23:16

Posted too soon!

I've said no iPad phone etc Xmas day and it ended up in another row

She now moaning about a birthday present her friends have got her - when I did the it's the thought that counts stormed upstairs and slammed door again!

I've got visions now of a miserable Xmas where she spends all her time in her room on her phone ( normal behaviour at moment) and I'm downstairs on my own with wine!

Why can't she be my little girl who loved spending time with me again sad

Grausse Sat 17-Dec-16 17:38:34

I think with teenagers you have to find something new to do together.
Find something you both like -trashy box set / computer game / dvd.
Her friends have let her down, can she organise something for the day before instead?

Didn't you ask her what she would like before you shopped?
Banning the iPad/phone on Christmas day seems a bit strong and may seem to her like a punishment ? Can you compromise? No phone at table and while you are doing stuff together.

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