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Talk to me about teen relationships

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marvelousdcomics Mon 07-Nov-16 19:11:22

Dd(14) got a gf last week grin They've held hands and hugged but not kissed yet. They speak loads in school and message each other at night. It's quite cute really - her first 'proper' relationship. Gf is lovely.

Ds1(13) has also got a gf of a year. She's also lovely and comes round often to watch films etc.

So, have your teens had a relationship? How long did it last?

CremeBrulee Mon 07-Nov-16 19:15:44

DD13 has had a bf for about 6 months now. He seems very nice and is extremely respectful to DD which goes down well chez Creme.

From what I understand they have hugged but that's it. There was a big convo about whether they should move on to holding hands but don't know if this has actually happened.

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