WWYD re.sons ex friends property after day of sh*t

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thineisTHElife82 Fri 04-Nov-16 15:29:33

Exactly that really. DS had a gf who he wanted time from as she went all obcessive on him. He explained in the nicest possible way "hey i just want to stay home right now and sort my head out,im confused and im really sorry if this upsets you". He also explained "im not feelin well,ive a bad cold and would rather sleep it off than be outside".
Anyway... as expected she went nuts. Sending all sorts. Bastard cunt twat wanker you name it he was it. He ignored it as much as he could,was really upset but didnt want to say anything to gf to make matters worse. He was genuinley ill and she knew that. She then for the billionth friggin time sent message after message apologising. Ds was like ok fine its over ive had enough of this,yoive done it time and time again and went sleep.
He spent a day or 2 alone in his room with being ill. Still getting messages like the above from egf.
Well last week it reached its head. Gf decided to come into our town she lives 2 towns away and hook up with ds so called mates. Between them all they reigned terror on ds. Sent nasty messages,refused to let him speak,hurled abuse down the phone and even sat outside the house. Most of the abuse came from his egf but she was using ds friends phone. Ds thought this other person was his friend and never expected that off them. Now this person has told me that egf srole fphone and she wouldnt hand it back and disnt know what was on it or being sent. Yet inhave recordings or that person laughing in background telling others what to do/say.
Anyways... person is demanding an item of property back,has denied any part of shitty behaviour despite me having proof. Ive told her im going take item to police station with evidence of abuse from her phone and she can collect it all from there,knowing her parents wouldnt approve of her shitty behaviour. egf has been spoken toby her mother and has since apologised and backed off. The other little sh*ts have the sort lf parents that dont really care.. the brush it off sort that dont really care theyve made someones life hell to the point of not worth living.
Anyways.. ranting again... sorry about that.. but..
WWYD with that box... all four kid that set upon my ds last week are still talking... and i obviousley want more than one of them to take responsibility for what they did...

Apologies for it bein so long..im new to this

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thineisTHElife82 Fri 04-Nov-16 15:35:10

Sorry... kids are all 16 yrs old and who ds went school with until they left.Not sure im in the right place for posting so apologies if i am

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misshelena Fri 04-Nov-16 18:22:45

I am confused.. why did the gf get so angry with ds? Why did ds' friends side with gf against him? Did they think they were playing a joke on ds? And what did they do to make life "not worth living" for ds?

This post is missing a big piece of info -- What happened that lead to this point?

GizmoFrisby Fri 04-Nov-16 18:32:26

I think egf got stroppy because ds wanted to stay in and not go galavanting with egf hmm

I may be wrong

Confutatis Fri 04-Nov-16 21:20:54

Try not to worry.
This will probably clear itself up when your DS gets better and has the energy and capacity to deal with it.
misshelena is right, there sounds like there is a bit missing but at this stage I'd just sit tight and look after your DS - and that probably means avoiding his avoiding social media (it can be done!) until he is feeling well enough to handle it on his own.
Hope this helps.

rollonthesummer Fri 04-Nov-16 21:26:09

I'm totally confused.

Why didn't your son go out? If he was ill why was he telling her he was confused? Why was she so angry?

Why were his friends being so horrible? They don't sound like his friends? Are they her friends?

thineisTHElife82 Fri 04-Nov-16 22:24:27

Sorry slow reply.
Ds had been on the receiving end of egf for some time and had decided he needed time to away from her to think about what he wanted,hes young and can he deal with her behaviour. When egf was with other friends excluding my DS she would send messages saying she didnt trust him and how he never cared for her. My DS is very caring and couldnt understand her behaviour and at night when she was home she would send repetative sorry messages about jow she felt hard done by and he shoukd understand her. Thats why DS wanted time away. And the fact he was ill kind of got caught up as he happenedto be ill and not want to hang outside,so egf thought he hated her and never wanted see her etc etc.ya know the kind of thing clingy girls think when a lad turns them down. As in main post.. thats literally what ds said amd she went nuts on him thinking the above.
It turns out that there was a group on face--fuck--book with Ds so called friends. Ds was not invited into the group. Plans were made to meet and do things within this group and one particular friend started a comvo about how my Ds foesnt care for his egf anymore therefore putting thoughts into egf mind. The group was starte more than 4weeks ago. Ds was unaware of all of this untill this week when a source told us what had been going on.
Person/friend who owns property was in this group and made a great example pf how to turn her friend (ds egf) against him along with the one who started the convo. The 4th person on the group didnt play a part until after the reined shit on my Ds.

They wouldnt allow him to talk,they verbally abused him down the phone and sent vile messages to him. Egf was using the phone of person who owns the item. None pf us are clear as to why they decided to be arseholes to Ds. Other than one of Ds mates fancied egf at start of relationship over 12m ago.
On 2 occasions my Ds.. who btw has mental health issues/attempted suicide, was told to either go kill himself and another time to hurry up and die. There were also other things said along these lines. One also stated she was glad it was getting to him. They sat outside my house staring in my window laighing and giggling whilst sending abusive txts and phonecalls.it went on from 11am till6pm.
Now.. egf has been given the once over by her mother who has sent apologies for her behaviour.
Now 3 others are getting away it,one because i dont know where she lives nd 2 others because there parents are complete aresholes too and dont care what there kids get up incliding smoking dope and giving money to buy it.
I can however pass number of person who owns item and take it police station.. that way at keast one more get to be told about there actions... i have been advised that someone will be contacted in said girls family to retrieve box.
If i didnt tell this other person to stop and stay away from our house she wouldve carried on for another day with the abuse.
I just dont know what to do with her item as i know her parents are very hot on and despite what they caused for my DS i know she will suffer from her parents alot.Very strict and controlling and the perfect family (so they believe) but i also want her to see the consequences of her actions. Telling someone with a history of mental illness to go die quick is wrong and below the line.

Do i send the item the police station or keep it till she decides to call... where ahe will get a bigger roasting from me but can walk away with her fingers up knowing she wont gwt told again...

Sorry for another essay.. and co fusion.. ive a small baby here so it awkward to follow what ive put down.

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Allthebestnamesareused Sun 06-Nov-16 18:09:43

Please do not waste police time. Let the person whose property it is know they can collect it from you at a certain time/date. You hand it over saying nothing but keeping a dignified stance. Do not engage further in their nonsense.

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