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Implant pregnancy?

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meganlousha Wed 02-Nov-16 14:31:41

Hi, I'm Megan, new to this, and just asking for some advice.

The last 5 day period I've had was in June, and they've always been consistent, and never dotted around. I've been on the implant now for eleven months. I was spotting in August, around my birthday, but I just thought it would be a really light period as it only lasted two days. But since then I haven't had a period and I am beginning to get worried, as on my birthday I could fit in my size ten jeans and now i'm stuck in leggings and cannot even get into size 14's! My stomach looks massively bloated and I've gained some lovely stretch marks at the bottom of my stomach, which I've never had. My boobs, already a 38G, are starting to spill out of my bra, and I feel tired and nauseous all of the time.
My friend gave me a Subway cookie the other day and it almost made me throw up, when normally I could eat a whole 12 packet. I've been craving a Snickers bar for weeks now but I cannot eat nuts, so It's constantly there! Also, I've not been having poo's regularly - I've not had one in a week or so.

Things are adding up now and it's worrying me. I'm a full time student and I care for my dad who has severe back problems. I can't get to my GP as I cannot drive, and I've been to three walk in centres who have turned me down for a blood test. My last option is to try the hospital walk in centre, where they said they could do a blood test, which I'm going there today. I just need to find out soon.. I don't want anything to go wrong if they're is a baby growing inside of me.. My boyfriend would be so gutted!

What do you guys suggest I should do? confused
Thank you x

PotteringAlong Wed 02-Nov-16 14:35:52

I think you need to take a pregnancy test and go from there. But be prepared that if your last period was June you could potentially be 5 months pregnant.

Freezingwinter Wed 02-Nov-16 14:41:12

Go to a walk in centre and ask for a normal pregnancy urine test? Why didn't they offer you one In the first instance anyway?

scaredofthecity Wed 02-Nov-16 14:44:33

You can buy pregnancy tests in the pound shop. They are just as accurate as the ones you get at the GPs

meganlousha Wed 02-Nov-16 14:49:12

Hi Guys.

Thanks for replying. Failed to mention that I have taken five pregnancy tests and they've all come back negative. Just a little panicky and the fact I cannot get to my GP is the worst thing.

Freezingwinter Wed 02-Nov-16 14:50:06

When did you take a pregnancy test?

Are you ok? How old are you?

meganlousha Wed 02-Nov-16 14:52:38

I took one last Monday. Four last Friday. One this Monday. All negative. I'm eighteen.

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