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Curvy but slim 14 year old DD - best places for jeans???

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loveyouradvice Tue 01-Nov-16 14:40:49


She has a gorgeous figure - but of course thinks she has big hips and none of her friends have a waist....

Big challenge is buying jeans - there's always a HUGE gap at the waist - now a 28 inch to get the hips, etc... but could easily take out 3-4 inches on the waist... Neither of us are good sewers so hope someone's got recommendations for great places to shop for them?

At the mo, tend to rely on H&M and Mom jeans from Top shop....

yeOldeTrout Tue 01-Nov-16 21:54:52

I have same problem (me not DD). It is a nuisance!

Next had a sexy slim line of jeans that fit me well. Ages ago so may not stock same ones, but I think that's type of thing you need to look for, adult jeans.

These ones go down to size 6/8.

seventhgonickname Sat 10-Dec-16 23:07:18

Similar with dd,she wore Gap age 13 which still have the elastic but now is in top shop jeans,sit below the waist and has become a belt addict.

Myusernameisalreadyinuse Sat 10-Dec-16 23:08:50

Has she tried primark? I used to be a similar shape and their jeans always worked best for me. This was a few years ago though. (I too thought I had huge hips).

MrsJayy Sat 10-Dec-16 23:09:24

Dd is hippy and bummy she swears by primark jeans they fit her lovely.

Sukitakeitoff Sat 10-Dec-16 23:12:56

Really low waisted jeans are best as they sit on your hips not your waist. I know as I always had problems with gapping at the back during the eighties and when hipster jeans came in they were perfect for me.

Dizzybintess Mon 19-Dec-16 01:16:27

I am short and curvy and always get my jeans from gap, Dorothy Perkins or new look.
I never shop at Levi as they are so bad at making curvy jeans it's unbelievable

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