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12 year old cutting himself - what do we do?

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Pimpernella Fri 28-Oct-16 20:41:19

Months ago I saw two cuts on his arm. We talked about it. He convinced me he was just trying it and wished he hadn't. ( a girl at school does it which I informed schol about)
Today he has borowed my phone and left it logged into instagram. A quick snoop tells me he is still doing it. He seemed to have sent a torso picture to cutting girl then asked her to delete it.
What should I do?
I would rather he didn't know I snooped but that isn't important really. I never see him without clothes nowadays. I don't know where the cuts are.
He is a happy boy with lots of friends. He couldnt tell me of any anxieties or worries when we talked before.
I don't know what I must do.

Pimpernella Fri 28-Oct-16 21:09:14

Bumping as really need some advice...

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