Excessive sleeping

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thisusernameisnotavailable Tue 18-Oct-16 13:10:34

DD turned 16 at the beginning of this year. She's now a couple of months into A level studies.

Hospital are investigating possible thyroid issue as she's put on a lot of weight recently but blood tests so far indicate poor diet rather than hormone issue.

But since around her birthday she is always complaining of being tired. She comes home if she has a two hour minimum gap between lessons and sleeps. Lights out at night by 10pm and wakes around 7am. Her diet is poor by my standards and lacking in fresh fruit and veg but not totally horrific. I recall being tired at her age but I was working full time and therefore on a steep learning curve

Is being sooo tired all the time normal, and like a growth spurt?

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misshelena Tue 18-Oct-16 13:48:14

I don't think it's normal... Maybe psychological though. Does she seem less happy of late? more cranky? less able to deal with everyday hassles? less interested in hanging out with friends? etc. Or do you know if anything distressing happened to her? Like, did she break up with a bf or a bff? Failed to qualify or got dismissed from a program or a team?

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