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Chocoholic1972 Sat 15-Oct-16 20:29:01

Does anyone have any experience of the long term effects of homeschooling? My DD is in year 8 and hasn't been in school for months due to social anxiety. School are supportive and we are also using other agencies to help with a gradual reintroduction/tutoring but it's so stressful for us all. We are now about to start working with Camhs. I just wondered if any other parents have been in this situation and took their child out of school? Any advice/experience would be welcomed.

GraceGildee Sun 16-Oct-16 01:52:44

After about a year on and off of school refusal due to asd and anxiety, I took my dd out of school and they're doing year 11 with tutors. Very glad we did this as they have much better chance of getting through GCSEs. Super bright kid who was not coping.

The thing that has helped also is that they have friends related to clubs away from school and socialise with them, if your child has other friends try to encourage them to see them. CAMHS have been helpful in keeping them on tier 3 so we are eligible for tutoring.

Redheadsreallyrock Sun 16-Oct-16 02:06:55

There is a home ed section on here under eduction - I think you will get lots of good input there.

Sending you some flowers and hoping she feels more settled soon.

Chocoholic1972 Sun 16-Oct-16 10:40:18

Thank you for the advice that's really helpful. I just wondered how the tier 3 tutoring works. Who provides the tutoring?
Thanks also for pointing out the homeschooling section I'll take a look.

GraceGildee Sun 16-Oct-16 12:13:29

CAMHS have to class them as tier 3 for them to be eligible for tutoring funding (as I understand it). We have anxiety, ASD and gender issues going on so qualified for it. The school made a referral to the local council who provided funding for Maths, HIstory and English tutoring (nothing else). The tutors have been lovely and they have worked with them in the local library. message me if you want any more help x

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