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Daughter is unhappy at college/ suffers anxiety, lacks friends/ needs help with social situations

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Xroads Mon 03-Oct-16 09:47:07

I didn't go to college so this is an alien world to me, she is unhappy because she doesn't have any friends there, she is fine with doing the course (not overly enthusiastic but she is doing ok on that front)

I think the problem we need to address is her anxiety and social skills and then she can work on making friends and being happier at college. How can I help her to see this instead of just wanting to leave college?

Other info.... she has 2 part time jobs she is doing fine in, her anxiety doesn't seen to flare up with those. Socially she has 1 close girlie friend and a long term boyfriend. She's never been great at meeting new people, can come across as standoffish because she is shy, she will say things that are inappropriate without realising (e.g I'll be speaking to one of my friends who will be saying that they are worried everyone always comments they are too skinny, I'll be trying to reassure them they are just right and my daughter would interrupt and say oh yeh you are so thin!)

I want to help my daughter so she can finish her education and progress well in life.

t875 Wed 12-Oct-16 11:34:16

Hi sorry you daughter is going through this. My daughter struggles with this and is in year 11 and is not even entertaining moving forwards so its tough going for us. Is there any books your daughter could read on Social Anxiety? Is she struggling at college with her studies, is there someone you can talk to in relation to this at the college?

All the best for her x

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