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LA's obligation.

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HarHer Mon 26-Sep-16 21:46:38


I have just finished sending another flurry of messages to the PRU that my son was supposed to be attending. I just wanted to know if he could try out tuition on their premises and if they would provide a referral for a vocational provider that would provide practical training in an area of my son's interest. Then I thought, Surely this is all wrong!' The Local Authority provide my son with 4 or 5 hours of home tuition. My son wants friends and he needs to get out of the house and he is in Year 11 and looking at a very sparse set of GCSEs.
As far as I know, although my son has a medical note which says he cannot attend school due to anxiety, there is nothing hat says he should have so little education or that the authorities should not work towards finding him alternative education outside the home.
Could anyone direct me to legal documentation that details the LAs duties towards a 15 year old.

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