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My teenage DD uncomfortable with her friends

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apoorna Mon 12-Sep-16 22:37:50

My teen DD was complaining today that some of the girls in her class were talking inappropriately about boys' organs and that made her very uncomfortable during the class. She said she avoided them later in the class but I can clearly see she was a bit shaken. Every child has a different development path and I don't think my DD is old enough mentally to discuss sex etc although she understands at a broad level. I didn't really know what to suggest to her so I just said it is good she tried to avoid what she is not comfortable with. She is only 13 but is it common amongst children this young to already discuss adult topics? Or is it her school? How would you deal with that?

Amandahugandkisses Mon 12-Sep-16 22:41:06

I think it's the norm to be honest. This is the age it all starts. I don't think it's specifically the school at all. Girls start talking about boys bodies and likewise at around this age.

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