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should i worry about my 12 year old son

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lauren19766 Sun 11-Sep-16 00:48:15

i have 2 sons, 12 and 9 year olds. my 12 year old boy is very effectionate with me, he loves his hugs, kisses and holds my hand i dont know if i should be a bit concered, he loves wearing onesies/footed pyjamas he still wears vests and in pants/briefs, where as my 9 year old wears boxers, dont like vests or wears pyjamas

LifeIsGoodish Sun 11-Sep-16 00:53:00

Enjoy the cuddles and let him be himself.

FWIW my dh prefers pants/briefs to boxers. As do my 16yo and my 10yo ds. Nothing to do with growing up. And all three kiss and hug me, too.

misshelena Wed 14-Sep-16 13:56:07

I know what you mean, mom. We want our kids to be perfectly "normal" because we know life tends to be easier when we fall within the "norm". I don't know if your son does or doesn't fall within the "norm". It's probably a little too early to worry though.

My advice for you is -- try to keep your concerns to yourself! Don't ever let him have cause to think that who he is is not "good enough" for you.

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