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Teenager smartphone addiction - Help

(3 Posts)
user1472214908 Fri 26-Aug-16 14:54:08

My DS is 13 years old and I am very worried about his smartphone usage. He is always glued to his smartphone chatting with his friends over Facebook and playing games. He barely speaks with us during meals time and has his phone connected even when he is doing his homework, he seems less interested in going out during the day for outdoor activities or to meet his friends. I discussed with him this issue and he agreed that he might be using his phone a lot
but he argued that this is what all his friends are doing. We agreed on some rule to be respected as no phone before sleep or during meals, he copes with these during few days and go back to the heavy usage afterward.
I am considering to get one of the parent control app that blocks t
he phone usage on some specific timings of the day, but I am worried that he feels like a baby being monitored all the time.
Are you facing similar issues? What solution do you recommend or have you used to tackle this problem ? I would love a solution where DS would feel part of it and involved (not obliged to follow the rule or punished)

BittyWanter Fri 26-Aug-16 14:55:41

Turn the wifi off and cancel the phone contract or not top it up

Mummydummy Mon 29-Aug-16 16:38:37

I would never allow any of us (adult or DC's) to use our phones at meal times as I think its really rude. I insist on them not being used when doing homework. Other limits are up to you but boys can be excessive phone/gaming addicts.

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