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Acne treatments

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UseMeUntilMyBottomWearsOut Sun 21-Aug-16 22:03:48

My ds (16) has been using a benzoyl peroxide acne treatment made by Neutrogena called 'On The Spot' for the past year or so. It has worked really well up until now but they have changed the formula and it no longer has the same effect sad Are there any other similar creams that you have used or heard about? We are running out of the last tube of the old formula, so any help would be great!

Cromwell1536 Mon 22-Aug-16 16:55:14

I've started using another benzo peroxide-based treatment. It's American - a facewash, a gel, and a moisturiser. It's brilliant! clears my son's skin, even those blackheads that just sit in there and never heal. It's 2.5% strength. You could probably just buy the gel, but the three step works really well. I got it from - with import tax and postage, it came to around £60 for the three items, but they are 8oz bottles/tubes and should last a long time, especially the gel. It's

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