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Tipes please - Pyjamas for a 14 year old boy - what shops?

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Mummydummy Sun 21-Aug-16 14:15:03

Tips please!

I usually got regular items like jeans, pants and socks from next and H & M whilst hoodies and T shirts come from cooler brands, like Superdry, nike, gap, quicksilver, etc. He's a handsome boy and i want him to look good.

Can anyone give me tips for where to go for pyjamas? they are hard to find and my son is in that awkward tweeny stage. He couldn't be less interested in shopping and wont help at all. As he's rapidly growing his current pair are looking increasingly desperate!

Stopyourhavering Sun 21-Aug-16 18:30:51

Jack Wills 'loungewear'.....or ds 17 loves the checked/tartan variety ( I've even bought some from Next which passed mustard!)

Mummydummy Mon 22-Aug-16 13:32:45

Thanks - I check them out. Weirdly my son always had an aversion to checks/tartan but that might not still be true!

CrabbyJo Mon 22-Aug-16 13:41:57

The only place I can get clothes for DS, he's nearly 15, is Next. I've searched online for hours but can find nowhere else.

therootoftheroot Mon 22-Aug-16 13:43:44

what size is he?

my eldest now wears shorts pjs as the long trousers are all too short!

Timetogetup0630 Mon 22-Aug-16 18:07:45

If he's not interested in clothes don't waste your money on designer PJ's. Mine is quite happy with a selection from Asda or
Sainsburys. Both supermarkets stock boxer short and long legged PJ s with a T shirt top for about £12 a pair.

Temporaryanonymity Mon 22-Aug-16 18:10:11

Don't they just wear boxers and t-shirts?

BertrandRussell Mon 22-Aug-16 18:12:13

Primark have a really wide choice of good pjs- my ds is 15 and nearly 6ft and wears medium Mens.

But they are probably not designer enough for you...........

DelphiniumBlue Mon 22-Aug-16 18:24:19

TK Maxx has a good selection of designer-ish PJ bottoms for under £20.

Mummydummy Tue 23-Aug-16 10:17:52

Hiya. Thanks for all those tips. I'm not bothered about designer PJs so any suggestions are welcome. Its also a bit dependent on whats easiest - so I dont tend to shop at Primark as I'd have to go to central London for that. So online or local is often easier.

I realise the brands sound snobby. He's had a very tough last two years being cold shouldered by friends (and bullied) so I just want him to look okay at a huge comprehensive with no uniform in a rather affluent area. Shallow I know, but fitting in seems important. And I like clothes myself!

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