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Sleepless and fuming

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onemoredayplease Wed 10-Aug-16 23:52:08

So, me and my 13yr old daughter are in a nice hotel. We are visiting my elderly mum. We do it every summer school a few days and do bits and bobs together. Normally we have a lovely time, we potter around, shop, sight see and just generally have a giggle. Not this time, I appear to have missed that she is now moody and nocturnal. Nothing I do is right, nothing is good enough, she is bored, the WiFi won't allow her to stream her programmes....the list goes on. I am thoroughly fed up, I am clearly an idiot the way she is looking at me and speaking to me. We are due to stay tomorrow night and then head home. I am ready to go now. She is currently lying on the floor, won't get into bed as I'm snoring apparently. Clearly I'm not as I am wide awake.

TheWoollybacksWife Thu 11-Aug-16 00:30:37

flowers for you onemoreday and welcome to my world grin

Could it be PMT? My DD2's moods are affected by her cycle and unfortunately we appear to have synchronised so I'm in permimenopausal hell with a hormonal teen. We've also had three years of exam stress to add in just to increase our mutual angst. In my rational moments I really feel for her, but in the throes of our grumpy moments it is hard to be sympathetic.

onemoredayplease Thu 11-Aug-16 11:06:34

It could be pmt hard to tell. I too am perimenopausal confused. I have pretty much decided to head home today. It's not worth persevering here. We are both fed up. I have hardly slept ( very difficult to sleep when you know your daughter is sleeping on the floor).

bigTillyMint Thu 11-Aug-16 11:11:05

flowers for you OP.

Sadly this seems to be pretty normal for teens. My own DD could quite easily have done the same at that age. And I have been PM for aeons now!

But it does get better - I recently did a v similar trip with her (now 17) and we had a great time despite me snoring with no fallings out shockgrin

Personally, I would avoid similar situations for the next few years. Sadly!

onemoredayplease Thu 11-Aug-16 21:58:05

Thankyou. The trip was finished one day early. I could cope no longer. No more girly trips for a little while.

HSMMaCM Fri 12-Aug-16 07:41:13

What a shame DD is 17 and seems to be on her way out of her moody phase. Although we did have a girls day planned last week and she cut it to an evening at the cinema. I find myself happy with little snippets for the moment. It does get better.

jailbirdstar Sat 13-Aug-16 14:08:29

I find the most frustrating thing about my 16 yo daughter is when asked a question like "where do you want to sit" "where shall we go", she always says "don't mind". It's like pulling teeth.

We went camping as a family last year, and no, there wasn't a lot for her to do, we camped in England so it wasn't like we could just sit in the sunshine and read a book, she too had to sit in the cafe where there was wifi for almost the entire holiday, and because the boys were off playing nicely with my hubby I felt like I had to sit with her - in relative silence with the occasional "I don't mind" whenever I asked her something. It was painful when we visited my cousin for a long weekend last year, could barely drag a word out of her. I dread taking her anywhere because I often feel like she's being rude, even though it's probably just a normal teenage thing.

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