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AIBU to frustrated by DS aged 16 not doing anything

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pot39 Tue 09-Aug-16 16:09:43

I work at home. Teenage son does nothing except go to the gym (paid for by me) and watch telly, Have removed ipad, tv and xbox remotes. Outcome is he continues to watch telly but stands up-GASP- to turn telly over.
This has been going on since he finished GCSEs
I have tried carrots and sticks.
Tried to get him to look for a job.
Encouraged visits to friends' houses but he's perfectly happy doing nothing.
TBH think might be spoilt rotten as we went away last week and we're going away next week for a week. And in previous years have taken out for walks (Like a dog).
Are anyone else's DSs or DDs doing same?

Northernparent68 Wed 10-Aug-16 08:39:25

Why not leave him be ? Presumably he's going to 6th form in September, let him have a lazy summer, and to be fair maybe he has nt got anything specific to do

PurpleWithRed Wed 10-Aug-16 08:47:00

assuming he's going to college in September leave him be other than to give him specific things to do round the house - wouldn't bother saying "it's your job to unload the dishwasher" and expect him to remember to do it; I'd say "please unload the dishwasher, here's the remote to pause the telly". At least he's not out getting pissed causing trouble and getting girls pregnant. If you really want to get rid of him strike up a meaningful conversation every 20 mins.

situatedknowledge Wed 10-Aug-16 08:51:16

Mine was the same after her exams. I'm off to pick her up from 3 weeks trekking in a jungle this morning and hoping she'll have brightened up a bit. Maybe they're actually happy that way?

EliCon Wed 10-Aug-16 09:43:53

Maybe he has nothing better to do or is having some hard times with friends?

Icequeen01 Wed 10-Aug-16 10:21:56

My 16 year old DS is exactly the same. Spends half the day sleeping and the other half on his PC/phone talking to his friends. He hasn't met up with any of them over the holidays as they are all off on their holidays at different times - in fact we are currently abroad at the moment. Also I find boys are rubbish at arranging anything!

To be honest we have just left him to it. He's worked really hard revising/Sitting his exams. I'm sure beneath his 'I'm not worried about my exam results' he is anxious. He does a few chores around the house but not much to be honest. We are letting him chill. September and 6th form will soon be here and the pressure is back on. He doesn't have much time left now before the stresses and strains of adult life hits. Just let him enjoy his last bit of childhood would be my advice.

Pebbles574 Wed 10-Aug-16 12:19:13

Another similar 16yr old here...
Spent first couple of weeks sleeping late and gaming. Has only been out with friends about once a week (but is talking to them constantly whilst online etc).

He's doing work experience this week and is horrified that he has to get up at 7 to catch a train at 8am and doesn't get back until 6.30 pm.
He is shattered!
I said, 'now imagine having to do this 47 weeks a year...' grin

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