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Are roll-on deodorants really uncool - teenage sportsmad boy?

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notquitegrownup2 Tue 09-Aug-16 15:24:27

The spray stuff really doesn't provide enough protection but I am told that no-one in the changing rooms would dream of owning roll-on deodorant.

He isn't usually phased by what other people think, but this does explain why he always remembers to take a spray deodorant but mysteriously forgets the roll on. However, it's not really working. Is roll on really that uncool - or does anyone have a fashion aware teen who would use it? Would shaving his armpits perhaps so that the spray on is more effective be acceptable to a cool teen? (And yes, I know I should be encouraging him to think for himself - I do and he usually does - but this one is clearly a step too far.)

<Out of touch - but getting desperate>

RatOnnaStick Tue 09-Aug-16 15:28:15

Tell him to use Sure Maximum Protection stick first thing which will last through sports and showers them he can waft the spray about with abandon knowing he doesn't actually need it.

ThisIslandGirl Tue 09-Aug-16 15:29:01

I don't know anything about teenage boys but my DH looked at me like I'd told him I'd just sold out first born son for beer money when I casually suggested he might buy a roll on deodorant.

RatOnnaStick Tue 09-Aug-16 15:31:57

this stuff

None of his mates will ever know.

Bamaluz Tue 09-Aug-16 15:42:04

Yes, get a solid anti perspirant stick, it takes seconds to apply and doesn't take time to dry like a roll- on. There are loads of brands to choose from.
Sure, as mentioned previously, but also Dove men, Mitchum, Gillette and even Lynx.

MuffyTheUmpireSlayer Tue 09-Aug-16 15:43:14

Really? I would never have even thought about this! grin

ggirl Tue 09-Aug-16 15:50:46

i think my ds is like this
he prefers the spray lynx stuff I bought humanoid actually uses it ..the roll on sits unused in his smelly room
now i know why

god that lynx stuff smells hideous

ggirl Tue 09-Aug-16 15:51:08

humanoid=him and

notquitegrownup2 Tue 09-Aug-16 16:26:24

Thank you smile So is it worth suggesting armpit hair shaving? I noticed the US Gymnasts did, but not the other nations!

HerdsOfWilderbeest Tue 09-Aug-16 16:32:23

No don't suggest shaving. A good wash with soap and then the stick will be fine.

Spray later is fine.

seventhgonickname Thu 11-Aug-16 02:21:36

Pit stick rule here,After washing they work by reducing bacterial growth(which causes the smell.)If he used that in the morning and spray if he feels the need too.

MissedItByThisMuch Thu 11-Aug-16 02:59:03

Yep, they all use the stick one in my sons' school (not allowed spray in school change room because of asthma risk though).

VenusRising Thu 11-Aug-16 03:18:35

I thought sprays were banned because of asthma. They certainly are in my gym and in the dcs schools.

Much better to get max protection and use it at night / after morning shower. It lasts for 24 hours at least. Doesn't matter if he shaves his hair or not.

Sure max protection cream is brilliant.

Roll-ons are naff as they don't dry properly and get on your clothes.

Get him max protection.

RalphSteadmansEye Thu 11-Aug-16 18:43:57

Aerosol sprays are banned in all the schools I've worked in because they can set off the fire alarms!

TwentyCups Thu 11-Aug-16 18:54:19

I hate roll on deodorant. It never dries and having clothes stick to it then makes me sweat straight away. It is what I imagine elderly people use but I don't know why!

YorkieDorkie Thu 11-Aug-16 19:00:49

Aerosols are banned in our house so when my kids hit puberty... Deal with it kids! #uncoolmum

Northernparent68 Thu 11-Aug-16 22:15:45

Is nt he old enough to choice his own deodorant ?

HerdsOfWilderbeest Thu 11-Aug-16 22:27:52

Why are aerosols banned?

YorkieDorkie Fri 12-Aug-16 08:50:04

Banned in lots of school because of asthma sufferers.

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