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Ex has moved away, won't see his kids enough and doesn't seem to care.

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mummyneedssupport Tue 09-Aug-16 15:19:39

My ex has moved down South to live with his girlfriend and her young children. During the divorce he needed to be cash rich to buy a house in the same area as his children and I gave in a lot during the negotiations for the sake of the kids happiness. He played so many financial and emotional games which left me exhausted and ready to sign to have everything concluded at the earliest opportunity. Now, all his promises have changed. He says he won't see them 4 nights a month, but will have them when it is convenient for him during the school holidays and they have to travel to him. He says that if they don't go, then it isn't his fault and he shouldn't have to pay me more maintenance for seeing them less than 52 nights a year. Of course, as well as wanting the kids ( 13 and 16) to have the best relationship with their dad, I could do with the odd weekend off here and there to recharge my batteries. Where do I stand on all this? I always put my kids first and can see the damage it will do to them if their Dad doesn't put them first as he does his girlfriend's children. The other thing was that he didn't bother much with ours when they were little and one of the many contributing factors to the breakdown of our relationship. Already they are getting upset with him 'playing daddy' elsewhere. I want him to be happy, but I want our kids to be happiest.... not sure what else I can do other than keep everything as stable as possible at home with me. I don't have any other family who can help as I lost my mum several years ago and nobody else is local enough, so he knows that I always carry the responsibility for everything and I think he gets a lot of satisfaction out of that.

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