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Teenage hormones or something more...

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jackofall Thu 28-Jul-16 17:48:30

DS just turned 17. Normally very exuberant, chatty, fun to be with.. He's been really glum since breaking up two weeks ago from year 12. We do live out of the way so it's not always easy for him to meet up with friends but despite offering he doesn't seem to want to go and do anything. He complains of being bored and just seems really withdrawn and nothing seems to change his mood. It was his birthday the other day and he does have a "gathering" on the weekend but he didn't want to do anything on the actual day, despite us offering lifts/use of house etc... I'm not sure if this is general teenage boredom and "kevinism" or if its something more? He was under huge pressure at school at the end of term with exams etc but I thought that was behind us now. I've tried to talking to him in the car etc when there is less pressure but the answers I get are "i don't know" ... anyone else experienced this? should i be worried about depression etc? or just being paranoid and leave him to get through a phase??

t875 Sun 31-Jul-16 12:19:25

Hiya. I would say it could be a small phase he's going through. I would keep an eye on it. There is times with my 15 yr old dd who has dramas and I think sometimes best not to look into it. Although I know what you mean it us hard as you do worry that they are down.
Hope he has a good birthday. You sound a caring parent x

lljkk Sun 31-Jul-16 12:44:34

what's his girlfriend situation?

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