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Living life totally through social media

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user1468483366 Thu 14-Jul-16 09:38:59

Forgive this being my first post and already asking for help!

First a bit of background.
dd is just 18
left college
live in a small village on poor bus route
12 miles away from college town
No contact with anyone who she went to school or college with

She's living her whole life through social media. It's not like she doesn't have hobbies or things to do but she spends all her time either on her facebook/instagram/snapchat account while doing these hobbies or with me and tbh its now starting to concern me.

Perhaps I can too fondly remember my teenage years before social media where god forbid people actually went out to pubs/clubs and met people

WWYD to get her to move on to actual face to face friendships and relationships? I'm just so concerned she's going to end up sad, lonely and isolated as lets face it no 18 year old should be sat at home night after night with their parents.

Timetogetup0630 Thu 14-Jul-16 21:34:40

Does she have a job or any hobbies and interests that get her out of the house ?
Is she going to college or Uni ?
What about doing some voluntary work ?

Viewofthegarden Fri 15-Jul-16 20:43:40

So is all the time spent on social media interacting with people she has never met, rather than school or college friends?

Does your DD have something (work or higher education) lined up for the future now that she has finished college?

user1468483366 Sat 16-Jul-16 20:09:32

She is interacting (loosely termed as I don't think she actually messages people just goes on other peoples pages, like photos etc) with a mix of people she has met and those she hasn't. Last 7 days never spoken face to face to anyone outside immediate family. When I sit and think about it she is so immature for her age, perhaps my fault as a only child she has spent most time with me as we share a hobby.

EverythingWillBeFine Sat 16-Jul-16 20:17:47

What is she normally doing? Going to school, Uni next year, work?

She needs to have some sort of activity where she just can NOT use her phone.
That stuff is addictive and if she has little opportunities to go out by herself etc... It will be worse.

So... Could you engineer a summer job, some volunteering maybe?

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