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DS 17. Am at my wits end

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lilybetsy Mon 11-Jul-16 22:29:13

My eldest DS is almost 18. He did no work for GCSE and failed all but 3. He went back to college to repeat, did no work again and may scrape one of the 5 he sat. He will not get the others as he did not complete the course work . He spends all his time with his horrible girlfriend, she is 2 years older and manipulative in the extreme. When I called her on it she tried to hit me. She has been kicked out of her own home and lives on a mates sofa ... This is where DS spends all of his time. I do not give him money (since college ended) he doesn't seem to care. He is not applying for jobs or apprenticeships and is never at home so I can't help him. He contributes nothing at all to this house, and lies ALL the time. I've had enough and i want him to engage with the family, start living life in a reasonable way or leave ... AIBU.?

rogueantimatter Tue 12-Jul-16 17:08:01

If you can afford it and have time off, could you take him on a family holiday to get him away from the gf and give him some breathing space from her in the hope that he'll realise he can manage without her.

Do you know the gf's mate/mates parents? Would they be sympathetic to the need for him to spend some time in his own home? Aren't they fed up of him and the gf anyway?

The gf tried to hit you shock - is she on drugs?

What a horrible situation to be in. Please don't ask your DS to move out though - it will be so difficult for him to ask to come back.

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