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Harrietcat Wed 06-Jul-16 21:01:53

I'm struggling. Suffer from depression. Split with husband in 2008. He was suffering so took him back to save house and help him out in 2013. We are divorcing now. He doesn't want to help out money wise
I gave up my job 20 years ago to do traditional looking after kids while he works. Now at 55 am only working 2 days a week and finding it difficult to get more work. Eldest daughter self harms. Middle daughter makes herself sick if eats too much. Youngest wants to party at 14. He doesn't do emotion but reckons they will all live with him soon as I am crap. They tell me they want to live with me as his moods are difficult to live with. I'm trying so hard to put them first but with my depression don't always manage it. Want to just curl up and die. AIBU ha ha

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MadameCumberbatchio Thu 07-Jul-16 18:57:59

Harriet this is a very quiet board so I don't think you'll get the replies you need. Maybe ask to get this moved over to Teenagers as there's plenty who have went through the same as you x

4abetterlife Thu 25-Aug-16 16:10:51

Hi Harriet. I do feel for you. There are ways out, but at this stage you just need to take very small steps. Consider coming to a St Albans Depression Alliance meeting on the third friday eve in the month; next one 16th Sept. Here is the link:

Kind regards, Richard

Lalaletchworth Thu 25-Aug-16 20:09:57

Hi Harriet I agree maybe get this moved to the main site mental health board or teenagers
No advice as mine are not teens yet but much love to you it sounds very tough
With regards to your ex not wanting to contribute financially, have you got decent legal advice? I can recommend some decent local solicitors if not.

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