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Drama llama ds punched hole in the wall

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Jinsky Thu 30-Jun-16 12:37:56

Ds (17) has just punched a hole in the wall after refusing to commit to helping out with preparing to move at the weekend. The move is in 10 days, there is a huge to-do list this weekend.
Maybe not my best idea to try and get a commitment from him. MIL had offered to come and help (packing, cleaning etc) before we move but it is a 4 hour round trip for her and she has dodgy hips so I don't really want to bother her.
The to-do list is now longer as I don't want to leave the house with a hole in a bedroom wall and it will need fixing.
Ds' s aggression scares me. It is all my fault, of course, (he says) for not accepting that he can't commit himself to helping.
Am I expecting too much from him? He has no other commitments at the moment - he has finished school and will be starting at uni in October and works a few hours a week.
He has had his temper under control recently but this has left me feeling sick again.

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