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Flatlining Tue 28-Jun-16 15:34:00

My 15 year old son (one of a twin) has started smoking cannabis.
His new 'best mate' in school has several mental health issues and I feel this is having an impact on him (not blaming the new kid but he is a known user) He has also started becoming aggressive towards me...he's 6ft and built like a brick shite house sad
Says he wants to go and live with his father who not only has mental health issues and (guess what) is a massive cannabis user as is his wife...
My son (grounded for a different misdemeanour) climbed out of his bedroom window last Friday to go and get stoned. This was the first I knew about his use of cannabis, I eventually found him walking in town late at night with his friend and a bag of alcohol & smoking paraphernalia, clearly monged off his chops...refusing to come home...

I have only had communication with his father by text and email for the last 4 years. He is abusive, hostile and controlling. The non-molestation order I had ran out and he is insisting I talk to him.
I will not see him face to face, it makes me too anxious. He scares me and I like to keep a record of what is said.

There is not one part of me that can condone him going to live with his father because of his habit but....what do I do? I can't keep him locked in the house...
I've now informed the school and we are having a meeting...if he doesn't agree to an early intervention I've been advised to make a social services referral.
Any help or advice would be very much appreciated...

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