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Teen Daughter's First Boyfriend

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CremeBrulee Tue 28-Jun-16 12:19:55

DD13 has just texted me from school (lunchtime) to tell he that a very nice boy has asked her out so now she has a boyfriend. DH met the boy a couple of weeks ago when collecting DD from a shopping trip with a crowd of her friends and agrees that he was indeed, very nice.

I'm so pleased that she wanted to tell me and want to respond appropriately, making sure she keeps communicating with us. Any advice on what to say or not say? She's a good student, (just had a fantastic report for Y8) and a kind, sensible girl.

She's also off on a school related outward bound trip for a week next Sat and I think boyfriend is also going. Should I mention the relationship to the trip leaders??

This is all new to me!!

Goingtobeawesome Tue 28-Jun-16 12:22:33

Keep calm and be relaxed. Only need to mention to the teachers if you think either child will do or try to do anything inappropriate.

JanetRomano Tue 28-Jun-16 14:27:31

I think a lot of teens have their first bf and relationships at 13. I would just keep the lines of communication open with her and not make a big deal out of it. Get to know the boy and just see what happens. Many times it will fizzle out at that age although my dd2 is 13 and she thinks she's in love haha.

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