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When to leave overnight

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PoachedPair Thu 23-Jun-16 16:26:48

My DS is mature, cautious, capable and sensible. I haven't had any problems with his behaviour. When would it be the right time to leave him home alone overnight?

TheSecondOfHerName Thu 23-Jun-16 16:29:16

So long as there's someone local he can call on if he needs to, I would say 16-17.

BigSandyBalls2015 Thu 23-Jun-16 16:31:48

Depends on the child. My DDs are 15 and I know one of them would hold a big party if left alone overnight. The other one wouldn't, but I think she'd hate being left overnight. Might be diff in a year or two.

JanetRomano Thu 23-Jun-16 18:17:20

I've left my 15 and 13 yr olds alone overnight. I think it just depends on the kids.

roundandroundthehouses Thu 23-Jun-16 18:23:38

As long as you don't think he'll throw a party (or attract the hordes by announcing online that he's home alone), I'd say 16-17. I'm planning to leave my two overnight for the first time this summer, aged 17 and 14. I'd have left the older one last year but the younger one wouldn't have been happy.

corythatwas Thu 23-Jun-16 18:38:24

I was happy to do so with ds when he was 15. Not with dd because she suffered from depression and anxiety. If she had been healthy, I would have been fine.

missnevermind Thu 23-Jun-16 18:43:17

DS was 17. But we went all out and left him the week.

PoachedPair Fri 24-Jun-16 15:25:09

Thanks all, it's really helpful. I think I'll maybe start over the summer with one night and see how that goes. We're in a rural area and while there are people around DS knows, it would take a while to walk there.

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