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Piercing for 15 turning 16

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laurencarlile01 Wed 22-Jun-16 18:16:59

My 15 year old DD loves piercings (she has 3 in each ear) and she cant wait to turn 16 to get more. She wants her smiley, tragus and industrial done. I have said no to the industrial, a maybe to the tragus and no to the smiley. She however, claims to have looked up how to look after all the piercings, how they are pierced, pros and cons and so much more. When she is 16 she is allowed to get them done without my permission, but she feels guilty that she would of let me down because I think they look trashy and horrible. My DD said she will decided which one she would want the most, even though I haven't agreed and still very dislike all of them. She wants them because she likes them and is "finally allowed to get them done without my permission" but I have said the Christmas and birthday money she is getting from relatives isnt going to be used on piercings (I have said I will tell her relatives what she is spending the money on and they will not give her the money.) Am I being too harsh? With the smiley she only wants a small piercing but i think it looks hideous.

laurencarlile01 Wed 22-Jun-16 18:19:40

Oh and she said she would take them out for sixth form because of the rules (we havent gone to the open evening and they may or may not allow her them) and will put them back in out of class and during holidays and when she goes out with friends.

Couchpotato3 Wed 22-Jun-16 18:22:44

I think this is a losing battle. She is going to get them done whether you like it or not, and being judgemental about it is not going to help your relationship with your daughter. I think it's fine to tell her that you don't like them, but I wouldn't be applying words like "trashy" and "horrible" to something that my child is potentially going to be wearing in a few months time. As I understand it, the smiley piercing is inside the lip, so if she eventually changes her mind, there will be nothing to see on the outside. Better that than some things she could be contemplating!
I'm sure I've seen fake industrial type earrings - might she be persuaded to try something like that as a compromise, if you were prepared to give it to her as a birthday present?

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